Kite Trends Report – July 2018


In this Kite Trends Report, we’re stepping into the future – there’s no denying the consumer’s obsession with what’s ahead, and we’ve put together four key trends that have us talking.

2TREND 1: The Focus Filter

The Kite team are big fans of consumer trend watching, some would even say obsessed. We are constantly keeping an eye on those brands that are leading the way, pushing the envelope, or being innovative.

Uncovering future trends is now seen as a science, and we keep a close eye on The Future Laboratory who work exclusively on defining trends of the future and creating commentary for brands to make decisions about their future and their products.

At the moment we have our eyes firmly on the Focus Filter trend. We’ve talked about this trend before but today we wanted to dive into it in some more detail.


In 2015, Microsoft revealed that Millennials had an eight second attention span – only one second shorter than a goldfish. Pretty scary stuff hey? Do we still have your attention?

As consumers we’re all aware of just how much content we’re being fed – some stats say that we are hit with more than 1,500 pieces of content a day. What it means is that with this explosion of content, we are all falling victims to the disease of distraction. In a society chock-full of tabs, multi-tasking and screen sharing, how can we give anything our attention?

One example that we have been talking about is the power of silence. More than 100 million hours of content are viewed on Facebook each day, and tellingly, the network optimised video for viewing without sound. There is surely something in the fact 85% of videos on Facebook are now viewed without the sound on.

More and more we need to ensure our layouts, copy, and content are creating outputs that recognise scanning as the new form of reading.

At Kite, we’re certainly aware of this concentration deficiency, and have been applying the Focus Filter over many of our strategies to get noticed. From infographics, to podcasts and video, we’re working on telling relevant and meaningful stories for our clients to cut through the noise, and ultimately, be seen and heard by the people that matter most.

And if you’re still reading this – it’s nice to see we still have your attention!

What we learnt at Mumbrella360

We recently spent two days gathering insights from those leading the way in media, marketing and communications. Here are the three trends that have us talking from Mumbrella360.

henry-be-228194-unsplashTREND 2: Podcasting

A major theme from the conference was around the explosion of podcasting – 61% of Australians increased their podcast listening in 2017 and media sales around podcasts have tripled in that time, driven by the hype around some of our favourite podcasts like The Australian’s Teacher’s Pet, ABC’s Unravel, and Mamamia’s No Filter. To respond to this demand, Kite now includes podcasting in our suite of services to leverage Australia’s fastest growing content medium.



rawpixel-651368-unsplashTREND 3: Data profiling

Our favourite session on day two of Mumbrella360 was with founder Tim Burrowes and Michael Miller, News Corp. The key out-take from the session was around the level of data profiling big media organisations can do on their stories, in real time. They know almost instantly if a story has been read and is making an impact on their audiences. Now, more than ever, the basic PR skill of knowing your media outlets and interests of their audiences is all the more important.



alex-iby-252034-unsplashTREND 4: Primacy of the idea

If we were asked to highlight one key session that dazzled us at Mumbrella360, it was Petronella Panérus and Magnus Jakobsson of Åkestam Holst of Stockholm. They talked a lot about culture, their approach to creativity and some of their award-winning campaigns. But the most powerful piece was when they spoke about their idea process. Simply put, to avoid egos and internal fighting – there is only one boss, “the idea.” That concept of letting the idea always lead, be the winner and make the decisions is something we’ve embraced here at Kite.



At Kite we’re all about creating campaigns that get noticed, talked about and motivate consumer engagement. To stay ahead of the curve we’re always hunting for what’s going to be big news next, harness new technologies and offer new services. We’d love to talk to you about content marketing, asset optimisation and paid partnerships; along with new insights and analytics measurement tools as well as all-important media and influencer relations.