Our Top Seven of 2017

We love this time of year – the Christmas party schedule is in full swing, we’re taking stock of our work over the last 12 months, and we have been celebrating one of our best years yet.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved in 2017 – we won awards for our innovative and effective work with clients, added to our team and, together with our colleagues at Sefiani, grew the agency by 38%.

To mark the year end, the Kite Communications team took a look at the campaigns that had us talking over the last 12 months – here’s our pick of the top seven for 2017.

  1. Movember: Unmute – Ask Him

 The annual Movember campaigns always capture our attention. Movember has a gift for creating campaigns that make people both laugh and cry, all while raising awareness for what could be seen as uncomfortable subjects for men – prostate cancer and suicide. This year, we think their video content was the best yet. As the videos were released, we saw them shared in our feed time and time again. The “Unmute – Ask Him” campaign encouraged people to have conversations about men’s mental health. It asked viewers to watch two versions of the same video – one with subtitles that matched what we perceived was happening in the video, and another when you un-mute the sound. The un-muted version gave the audience a powerful insight into what men might actually be feeling. You can watch one of the videos here.

  1. IT Movie Release

The release of Village Roadshow’s IT movie got us all talking back in September. As our team arrived in the office in the days leading into the movie’s release, everyone was asking who was behind the red balloons emerging from the drains on Sydney streets. The balloons, part of the storyline of the IT movie, were all over Sydney. It reminded us all that you don’t need big budgets to deliver a great idea – some balloons, helium and letter stencils was all it took to get us talking.

  1. Disney’s #DreamBigPrincess campaign

With many women on our team, Disney princess movies were part of our childhood. That said, the old school princess storyline has often been criticised over recent years – the traditional plot of the damsel in distress waiting for the knight in shining armour to rescue her doesn’t align with updated messages of female empowerment. #DreamBigPrincess saw Disney ask female photographers in 15 countries to shoot positive images of women and girls. By people liking and posting #DreamBigPrincess, Disney donated $1M to the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign, a leadership and development campaign for girls across the globe. Take a look here.

  1. Tourism NT’s Million Dollar Fish – Season 2

We couldn’t go do a wrap up of the campaigns of 2017 without including our very own campaign – Season 2 of Tourism NT’s Million Dollar Fish (and we’re not biased at all on this one as it took out the 2017 PRIA Golden Target Awards for Best Integrated Marketing and Communication Campaign, and was also highly commended for Best Measurement and Evaluation). The campaign saw travellers tasked with snagging a $1 million tagged barramundi in the waters of the Top End, and we were engaged to maintain the momentum for this campaign. To give Season 2 a boost we created a “Better Luck in the NT” platform, agenda-surfing some of the nation’s most-watched competitions and inviting runners-up to have “Better Luck in the NT”. In terms of results, we motivated 44,000 registrations and Tourism NT saw a 15% increase in overnight stays in Darwin during the wet season – now that’s a catch!

  1. Reword

 To combat the growing number of cyberbullying cases in Australia, Headspace launched Reword – a Javascript tool that was created to integrate with social and messaging platforms. The tool alerts users of bullying behaviour in real time, educating young people on words, comments or language that might be associated with bullying. When a matching word was found, a red strikethrough would instantly appear and prompt users to reconsider their words. The results saw 84% of insults detected and reworded and a 67% reduction in bullying behaviour per user.

  1. Send Me San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

 At the time of the campaign, the number of artworks listed in the SFMOMA collection was so large, they could only show about 5% of it the galleries at any given time. Send Me SFMOMA was developed as a way to showcase the extent of SFMOMA’s collection, as well as encourage a fun way to think about art in 2017 and facilitate further exploration and discussion among users. The process was simple – send an emoji or describe a mood via text and the museum will shoot back a picture of one of its archived artworks. Two million text messages were sent in the first five days, and texters actually started contacting the museum to learn more about the art they received on their phones. In a world oversaturated with information, SFMOMA was able to generate personal connections between a diverse cross section of people and the artworks in their collection. What would you text in?

  1. Surfers Against Sewage, The Wasteland

In the year that the war on waste has never been more prominent, Surfers Against Sewage called on the public to boycott single use plastic with a powerful video. To raise awareness of the build-up of rubbish in the ocean they declared this waste its own continent, calling it Wasteland. The video compares the growing build up of waste as a threat similar to a super power threatening war. The content calls on viewers to join the resistance and shun single use plastic. To build further reach, the campaign included an installation of the SAS Wasteland Warship, a curation of plastic collected from beaches across the UK that was used to create a giant warship.

Finally, we wanted to make a special mention of a campaign that has captured our hearts in recent weeks from Ability Links NSW. Disclaimer here, we worked with video producer Taste Creative on this one: the video is called Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant and is authentically-cast to tell the story of a son helping his blind mother experience a painting at the Art Gallery of NSW – you can take a look a look at it here.

We have some exciting things planned for next year and can’t wait to share them with you. Here’s to a successful 2018 for all!

Merry Christmas,
The Kite Communications Team