UNHCR High Profile Supporter Kristin Davis holds Abigaelle (2), who is one of the 30 orphans living at the orphanage created by Sister Angelique Namaika, who is able to take care of the children, pay for their school fees and medical care thanks to the income of the bakery and the agricultural project. Sister Angelique Namaika, winner of the 2013 Nansen Refugee Awards, works in a remote region in the North East of the DRC with survivors of displacement and abuse by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Through her project, she has helped transform the life of more than 2000 women and girls who have been displaced and abused by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). With the money she received through the Nansen Refugee Award, she set up a bakery and agricultural projects in Dungu, benefiting more than 300 women and their families.

Australia for UNHCR Crisis Communications Plan

CHALLENGE: After a breakfast television interview with UNHCR Global Goodwill Ambassador Kristin Davis was hijacked by a distasteful Sex in the City skit, we were engaged to activate a communications recovery plan for the rest of Ms Davis’ visit to Australia, which included further media interviews and a high profile Australia for UNHCR fundraising luncheon where she was guest speaker, with media in attendance.

STRATEGY: To ensure the media’s focus remained on refugees and UNHCR – the reason for Kristin’s visit – we ensured journalists were fully briefed on Ms Davis’ ambassador role with UNHCR to draw attention to the plight of refugees, and granted interviews based on media agreement to report on Ms Davis’ humanitarian work and the need to raise funds to help female refugees.

IMPACT: Ms Davis participated in a very positive interview with Waleed Ali and Carrie Bickmore on Channel Ten’s The Project, wrote an Opinion Piece for The Guardian, and was interviewed by prominent radio personality Amanda Keller about her humanitarian work. In addition, coverage focusing on Kristin’s work with UNHCR and refugees appeared in The Huffington Post, The Collective, Mindfood and Yahoo!7