PhotoBox: Christmas Campaign

CHALLENGE: PhotoBox wanted to make a splash in Australia for Christmas and needed Kite to help get the message out to influencers and try for themselves the PhotoBox range of products – from designing their own personalised photo cushions to wall prints.

STRATEGY: We targeted influencers and bloggers with female followers aged 25-45 whose passion points cross the travel, lifestyle, fashion, photography and interior design space. We also approached high profile Aussie celebrities, such as the TODAY show team, and sent them ‘surprise & delight’ personalised PhotoBox products to grab their attention.

Additionally, we secured Katrina Chambers – columnist, blogger and ex-contestant from home renovation reality TV show The Block – as a PhotoBox ambassador, leveraging her existing channels and audiences to spread the word about PhotoBox online and on social.

IMPACT: More than 10 influencers across lifestyle, photography and design took up the opportunity to create their own personalised PhotoBox products and posted their experiences and products to their social media and blog accounts, positioning them as the perfect gift for Christmas.

The campaign generated more than 100,000 impressions across 17 pieces of social content, and positioned PhotoBox as the gift of choice for Aussies during the Christmas period, which was a key sales time for the brand.