Report hails a brave new world for workers

Australian workers who are adaptable and entrepreneurial in their attitude to work are expected to successfully ride the digital wave of change. Meanwhile the truly savvy ones will find new avenues for their careers. This is one of the key conclusions in a new publication by Kite client Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. The paper, The future of work: how can we adapt to survive and thrive?, was based on a survey of 1,400 Australian workers about their employment history, career aspirations and plans for the future.

According to the publication, sixty per cent of Australians expect to change roles and/or industries over the next ten years, while amongst workers who have recently entered the workforce, more than two thirds (67%) expect that their current job will either not exist or require significantly different skills or tasks over the next 15 years. And while the research shows that, overall, workers feel positive or excited about their future careers, the changing environment has an impact: two in five of us are uncertain or nervous about what is to come.

We secured extensive and high-profile coverage of the report’s launch in the media including in The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, while the story was also syndicated across the Fairfax network.